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The weirdest tech and devices we noticed at CES 2024

We all the time discover some unusual devices at CES. There is no method round it, with 1000’s of exhibitors peddling their wares, looking for a marketplace for issues nobody has dreamed up earlier than. From startups to giants like Samsung, there are many issues that make us pause, chuckle, and shake our heads. Here is just a few favorites from CES 2024. Have in mind, bizarre would not essentially imply unhealthy. It simply means bizarre.

Sightful’s Spacetop AR Laptop

Pictures by Sam Rutherford/Engadget

If you happen to squint, you possibly can see how a laptop computer paired to AR glasses might present a way more expansive and immersive expertise than an ordinary 14-inch laptop computer display screen. Sadly, the slender area of view, spongy keyboard and excessive value make this a little bit of a non-starter.

Samsung Ballie

Samsung Ballie robot demo

Sure, Ballie is unquestionably cute. We obtained a kick of out seeing it roll round its demo space at Samsung’s CES sales space. However it’s nonetheless fairly bizarre to have a tiny robotic comply with you round so it may undertaking a exercise video on the ceiling whilst you work your abs. 

Shift Robotics Moonwalkers

Image of Shift Robotics' Moonwalkers on a black table.
Picture by Daniel Cooper / Engadget

The Moonwalkers have a intellectual premise: by propelling the human carrying them a little bit bit additional than they’d usually go once they take a step, this might add as much as far more environment friendly strolling over the course of a day, week or lifetime. The brand new “X” mannequin is lighter and has fewer wheels, making it theoretically simpler to supply. However the authentic Moonwalker value about $1,400, a wild amount of cash. You are in all probability simply higher off strolling a little bit faster.

Volkswagen’s ChatGPT-generated dinosaur story

A Volkswagen in-dash tablet display shows an example of the ChatGPT integration announced at CES 2024.
Picture by Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

Whereas we will see the potential use instances for having a extra clever voice assistant in your automobile, one powered by ChatGPT, having the automobile inform us a narrative about dinosaurs was a fairly bizarre approach to go about demonstrating it.

ZooGears TheButter — a “piano” for dogs

Image of both Zoo Gears' dog pianos, TheButter, as well as its forthcoming musical instrument and pet feeder, TheBiscuit.
Picture by Daniel Cooper / Engadget

We have all seen movies of canines “taking part in” an instrument, however this may be the primary one purpose-built for a pet. “Train” your canine to “play” this “piano” and you may absolutely get hours of leisure. The $299 gadget even comes with an automatic feeder to encourage your canine to maintain going.

One by One — downtempo music for dogs

Cartoon promotional image of a girl wearing headphones while applying headphones to her dog.
One By One

Seems downtempo music music soothes pets and cartoons studying endlessly alike. We love the analysis displaying this, however that also would not clarify why that is higher than simply letting your canine hearken to your Spotify account.

Flappie AI cat door

A white Flappie cat door installed in a square of black wood with a stuffed cat and mouse behind it on display at CES 2024.
Picture by Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

C’mon, simply look how cute that is! Let the poor man in, your merciless and arbitrary cat door.

Adam-X CPR dummy

Image of the Adam-X medical training robot, an artificial human body laying on a white dais with the shirt open.
Picture by Daniel Cooper / Engadget

Let’s be clear: “bizarre” doesn’t essentially imply “unhealthy” or “ineffective.” Adam-X actually does look helpful for medical coaching. However, properly, it is also only a bit off-putting. 

We’re reporting stay from CES 2024 in Las Vegas from January 6-12. Sustain with all the newest information from the present here.

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