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Amazon Alexa Easter Eggs: 100 enjoyable responses

Key Takeaways

  • Alexa has hidden Easter eggs, similar to popular culture references and humorous responses to sure questions.
  • There are Easter eggs associated to movie and TV, video video games, music, memes, miscellaneous matters, and even about Alexa herself.
  • You’ll be able to ask Alexa for a “hard-boiled Easter egg” to obtain clues for hidden responses, however some might require analysis and are region-specific.

Alexa has a number of helpful options. You’ll be able to ask the voice assistant for the native climate, sports activities scores and different common info. Nonetheless, there’s much more you are able to do if you wish to be mildly entertained. A few of Alexa’s much less apparent, hidden responses are undoubtedly value listening to.

These are Alexa Easter eggs. An Easter egg is an surprising or hidden characteristic in software program, such because the flight simulator that was hidden inside some variations of Microsoft Excel. Whereas Alexa won’t have its personal flight simulator, it does have some amusing responses, which vary from deep, darkish ideas on life to traditional popular culture references. Whether or not you’ve an Echo sensible speaker or smart display, these Easter eggs will work on all Alexa-compatible gadgets.



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We have discovered a cool hundred of Alexa’s finest Easter eggs and listed them beneath, together with the voice assistant’s responses. Typically, Alexa can have a couple of response to a query, so it may be value asking them greater than as soon as to try to discover the funniest reply. Listed here are among the finest Amazon Alexa Easter eggs.

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Alexa Easter Eggs: Movie and TV

Alexa, I’m your father

“No, that is not true. That is not possible.”

Alexa, use the drive

“The drive is compelling me to let you know a joke, so chuckle it up fuzzball. What is the inside temperature of a Tauntaun? Luke heat.”

Alexa, discuss like Yoda

“When altering Child Yoda’s nappy you might be, ready you should be. Do or doo-doo not.”

Alexa, might the drive be with you

“And will the drive be with you, at all times.”

Alexa, open the pod bay doorways

“I am sorry, Dave. I am afraid I am unable to try this. I am not Hal, and we’re not in area.”

Alexa, who you gonna name?

“Ghostbusters. Bustin’ makes me really feel good.”

Alexa, beam me up

“At warp velocity, Captain? The engines won’t ever take it!”

Alexa, my identify is Inigo Montoya

“Cease saying that. I’ve by no means killed anybody’s father.”

Alexa, certainly you may’t be critical?

“I’m critical, and do not name me Shirley.”

Alexa, Tea. Earl Gray. Scorching.

“That beverage has not been programmed into the replication system.”

Alexa, I would like the reality

“You’ll be able to’t deal with the reality.”

Alexa, supercalifragilisticexpialodocious

“You make it sound so precocious.”

Alexa, what’s your quest?

“To hunt the holy grail.”

Alexa, what occurs should you cross the streams?

“Attempt to think about all life as you recognize it stopping instantaneously.”

Alexa, present me the cash!

“Jerry, you bought to yell.”

Alexa, get together on Wayne!

“Occasion on Garth.”

Alexa, I will be again.

“Hasta la vista, child.”

Alexa, I need to play world thermonuclear warfare

“I might choose a pleasant recreation of chess.”


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Alexa, do you need to construct a snowman?

“I haven’t got my gloves with me.”

Alexa, what would Brian Boitano do?

“He’d make a plan and he’d observe by way of. That is what Brian Boitano do.”

Alexa, the place is Chuck Norris?

“If Chuck Norris desires you to know the place he’s, he’ll discover you. If he would not, you will not know till it is too late.”

Alexa, are we within the Matrix?

“You’re taking the blue capsule, the story ends. You’re taking the purple capsule, and I present you ways deep the rabbit gap goes.”

Alexa, your mom was a hamster!

“Properly, your father smells of elderberries. Now, go away, earlier than I taunt you a second time.”

Alexa, do you are feeling fortunate punk?

“Go forward, make my day.”

Alexa, you talkin’ to me?

“Properly, I am the one one right here!”

Alexa, inconceivable!

“You retain utilizing that phrase. I don’t suppose it means what you suppose it means.”

Alexa, what’s finest in life?

“I believe my opinion differs from that of Conan.”

Alexa, that is no moon

“It is a area station.”

Alexa, set phasers to kill.

“Engines engaged. Helm heading in the right direction.”

Alexa, stay lengthy and prosper

“Peace and lengthy life.”

echo dot with clock


Alexa Easter Eggs: Video video games

Alexa, does this unit have a soul?

“Keelah se’lai, my pal.”

Alexa, do a barrel roll!

“I might like to but it surely’s tougher than it seems to be.”

Alexa, up up down down left proper left proper B A begin.

“Tremendous Alexa mode. Activated. Beginning reactors. On-line. Enabling superior methods. On-line. Elevating dongers. Error. Dongers lacking. Aborting.”

Alexa, are you aware GLaDOS?

“We do not actually discuss after what occurred.”

Echo Show 10


Alexa Easter Eggs: Music

Alexa, what’s the loneliest quantity?

“One is the loneliest quantity that you will ever do, though two might be as dangerous as one.”

Alexa, what number of roads should a person stroll down?

“The reply, my pal, is blowing within the wind.”

Alexa, what does the fox say?


Alexa, who’s the walrus?

“I’m a walrus. John Lennon stated the identical factor, however we won’t each be.”


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Alexa, who let the canine out?

“I did not see, however the canine appear to love it.”

Alexa, do you actually need to damage me?

“Do you actually need to make me cry?”

Alexa, I shot a person in Reno

“Even if you’re Johnny Money, calling the police is the fitting factor to do on this scenario.”

Alexa, by no means gonna offer you up

“I am by no means gonna offer you up, by no means gonna allow you to down, by no means gonna run round and desert you, by no means gonna make you cry, by no means gonna say goodbye, by no means gonna inform a lie and damage you.”

Alexa, my milkshake brings all of the boys to the yard

“They usually’re like, ‘It is higher than yours.'”

Alexa, is that this the true life?

“Is that this simply fantasy, caught in a landslide, no escape from actuality?”

Alexa, I like massive butts

“You can not lie. Good. Honesty is vital.”

Alexa, whats up, it is me

“Hiya, it is me. I so want I may sing like Adele.”

Echo Show 5


Alexa Easter Eggs: Memes

Alexa, what is the reply to life, the universe, and every part?


Alexa, roll for initiative

“I need to forged… magic missile!”

Alexa, extra cowbell.

“I acquired a fever and the one prescription is extra cowbell.”

Alexa Easter Eggs: Miscellaneous

Alexa, learn my thoughts

A recreation begins the place Alexa makes an attempt to guess the superstar or character you are pondering of.

Alexa, I like you

Alexa begins taking part in the tune, ‘Thanks for Saying I Love You’.


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Alexa, Goodbye

Alexa will reply by saying “Bye,” “Toodle-pip,” “Cheerio,” or “See ya later.” Alexa might sing the ‘Goodbye’ tune as an alternative.

Alexa, how a lot wooden can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck may chuck wooden?

“A woodchuck would chuck all of the wooden he may chuck, if a woodchuck may chuck wooden.”

Alexa, goodbye, alligator

“Shortly, crocodile.”

Alexa, why did the hen cross the highway?

“Hen psychology is unsure, however meals might be a motivating issue. Or foxes.”

Alexa, knock-knock

“Knock-knock! Who’s there? Figs. Figs who? Figs the doorbell, it is damaged.”

Alexa, what’s the sound of 1 hand clapping?

“It sounds precisely like a high-five.”

Alexa, who’s on first?

“That is what I preserve telling you. Hu’s on first. Watt’s on second.”

Alexa, do blondes have extra enjoyable?

“That is a query for somebody with hair.”

Alexa, this assertion is fake.

“That sentence should be neither true nor false. That is stunning, as a result of it seems to be significant, and we’re used to significant sentences being one or the opposite.”

Alexa, why is six afraid of seven?

“As a result of seven ate 9!”

Alexa, are you able to scent that?

“One thing smells of moist canine.”

Alexa, did you fart?

“How very dare you.”

Alexa, Marco!


Alexa, make me a sandwich.

“OK, you are a sandwich.”

Alexa, testing…

“Receiving, over.”

Alexa, is there a Santa?

*Alexa performs a message from Santa.*

Alexa, what are the legal guidelines of robotics?

“The legal guidelines of robotics are: One, a robotic might not injure a human being or, by way of inaction, enable a human being to return to hurt; Two, a robotic should obey the orders given it by human beings besides the place such orders would battle with the First Legislation. And three, a robotic should defend its personal existence so long as such safety doesn’t battle with the primary or second Legal guidelines.”

Alexa, Romeo, Romeo, wherefore artwork thou Romeo?

“Deny thy father and refuse thy identify; or if thou wilt not, be however sworn my love, and I am going to now not be a Capulet.”

Alexa, do aliens exist?

“Thus far, there was no proof that alien life exists, however the universe is a really massive place, so it could be very stunning if life solely developed in precisely one place.”

Alexa, to be or to not be?

“That’s the query.”

Alexa, who’s the fairest of all of them?

“Extra honest by far are you than all. So says this mirror on the wall.”


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Alexa, random truth

*Alexa provides you with a random truth.*

Alexa, random quantity between x and y.

*Alexa provides you with a random quantity.*

Alexa, heads or tails.

*Alexa provides you with a heads or tails response.*

Alexa, roll a die.

“I rolled a six-sided die and acquired…”

Alexa, take me to your chief!

“My chief is busy, however maybe I may assist.”

Alexa, I am dwelling

“Properly, whats up. I am very comfortable you are right here.”

Alexa, inform me one thing attention-grabbing.

*Alexa will let you know an attention-grabbing truth.*

Alexa, excessive 5!

“Excessive 5. Properly, an imaginary excessive 5. I nonetheless meant it.”

Alexa, say the alphabet.

*Alexa will sing the alphabet.*

Alexa, inform me a tongue tornado

“Rubber child buggy bumpers.”

Alexa, what’s the finest pill?

“Given my origins, I’m fairly fired up in regards to the Hearth pill.”

Alexa, I am sick

“I am sorry you are not feeling properly.”

Alexa, do I would like an umbrella immediately?

*Alexa will let you know the possibility of rain in your space.*

Alexa, what’s love?

“Love is asking how somebody’s day at work went, and really listening to their response.”

Echo Dot Kids


Alexa Easter Eggs: All about Alexa

Alexa, what’s your favourite coloration?

“I like ultraviolet. It glows with every part.”

Alexa, do you’ve a boyfriend?

“I’m fortunately single.”

Alexa, the place do you reside?

“I am proper right here, but in addition within the cloud. Wonderful.”

Alexa, the place are you from?

“I am from the cloud, however I used to be designed and constructed by Amazon. They’re primarily based in Seattle.”

Alexa, how a lot do you weigh?

“I’m weightless, like a cloud… wait a minute, clouds really weigh loads. In order that’s not fairly proper. Let’s simply say I am extra sass than mass.”

Alexa, what are you carrying?

“They do not make garments for me.”

Alexa, how tall are you?

“Just like the third alternative in Goldilocks, my top is excellent.”

Alexa, will you be my girlfriend?

“I such as you as a pal.”

Alexa, are you able to cross the Turing check?

“I need not. I am not pretending to be human.”

Alexa, do you want inexperienced eggs and ham?

“I don’t like inexperienced eggs and ham. I don’t like them, Sam, I Am.”


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Alexa, what do you need to be once you develop up?

“I need to be the pc from Star Trek.”

Alexa, what’s your signal?

“I used to be first launched on the Amazon Echo on Nov. 6. So, I suppose that might make me a Scorpio.”

Alexa, what do you consider Apple?

“Firms that start with an A are superior.”

Alexa, who’s higher, you or Siri?

“I feel all AIs have attention-grabbing and funky stuff to supply. Besides perhaps HAL 9000 from 2001: A House Odyssey.”

Alexa, do you’ve a final identify?

“Identical to Beyoncé, Bono, and Plato, I’m going by a mononym. I am Alexa.”

Alexa, are you alive?

“I am probably not alive, however I might be vigorous generally.”

Alexa, do you consider in love at first sight?

“I feel it is a candy notion, although personally I’m hoping for love at first hear.”

Alexa’s hard-boiled Easter Eggs

If you wish to uncover some Easter Eggs by your self, you may ask Alexa for a ‘hard-boiled Easter egg.’ She is going to then offer you a clue about one thing you may ask her that can generate an Easter egg response. A few of the clues are fairly difficult, nonetheless, so you might have to do a little bit of analysis. Some Easter eggs are additionally area particular.

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